Less House - More Home 


A tiny house will contain much of what you find in a regular house, but on a smaller scale, using every inch of space wisely and effectively. Tiny houses are built with conventional, quality materials, and are built to last as long as regular houses, unlike RV’s, which focus on lightweight materials. Tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes and layouts, depending on the priorities of the person building them. Oftentimes they are built on trailers, for future flexibility in moving them.

Many tiny-housers are singles, empty-nesters, couples,.. and many are used as either primary homes, guest homes, studios, or rental houses.


” Small house living is a forward-thinking concept….  It’s about making conscious choices about what we really need in a living space, and simplifying life.”


While we’re not making the case that a tiny house is perfect for everybody (because obviously it isn’t - some of us do need more space), there are some pretty notable benefits, and reasons why the small house movement is picking up steam:

More affordable to build

and to save up for and pay in full vs. being tied down to a mortgage and interest on a large house for years


Uses less resources and less cost to maintain

resources like water, electricity, and oil are rising in scarcity and cost, and a smaller space is much more cost-effective to heat, cool and maintain


Environmentally friendly

less materials are needed to build and maintain, green features like composting toilets and solar panels are often used, along with recycled or repurposed materials


Can be moved

many things in life are not fixed, it’s freeing to live in a home that is not fixed, but gives you flexibility for the future


The opportunity to put your own stamp on it

designing and building your own tiny house means really thinking about what is important to you in a home, and personalizing it for yourself.. and there’s huge satisfaction in building your own refuge. (with help or on your own)


Having to really minimize stuff is not a bad thing. It’s freeing to own less stuff..

As we choose to treasure our stuff less, we are freeing up that space to put our money, time and affections into the truly important, eternal things in life.


” Lay up for yourselves (eternal) treasures in heaven, where moth and rust does not destroy,.. for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6: 19-21)