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Here is an Overview of the Esk’et Sqlelten building videos:

Video 1 – Introduction

An overview, showing the plans, and quick tour of the tiny house at it’s partially-completed stage

Video 2 – Laying the floor

An informational video detailing plans for insulation and flooring, especially considering a colder climate.

Video 3 – Laying the floor, part 2

Part 2, showing the insulation and flooring

Video 4 – How to calculate for curved rafters

A longer, informational video detailing rafter calculations.

Video 5 – Framing

A video done during the framing stage, including the original “sun is rising” song.

Video 6 – “Tips on Getting Ready for Work”

Video 7 – Sqlelten rafters and barreling roof

Little bit of fun, and a bunch of info on the curved roof.

Video 8 – How long to build a Tiny House?

Video 10 – Shou Sugi Ban

informational video on this ancient Japanese technique of preserving wood. (part 1)

Video 11 – Curved Roof Rafters

Robert shows the progress up on the roof.

Video 12 – Tools for Shou Sugi Ban

Part 2 of Shou Sugi Ban, going into more details on the tools used 

Video 13 – “The Importance of Working Together”

A very random video on this important thought.

Video 14 – Roof Sheathing in the Valley

A more detailed informational video on tricky roof sheathing for a curved roof.

Video 15 – Steps for Installing a Round Window

showing the different stages, including framing, applying building paper, blueskin and installing

Video 16 – Cutting out Curved Door Opening

A video detailing how to cut out for a custom curved door shape.

Video 17 – How to trim a Curved Door

Going over the different steps for doing exterior rounded trim on a custom curved door

Video 18 – Building the Esk’et Spiralling Ladder

A description of the build process.

Video 19 – Creating a custom carved door

details on the process

Video 20 – Esket Tiny House Tour

A walk-through of exterior and interior of the finished tiny house.

Video 21 – An Esk’et Tiny House Christmas Song


Video 22 – Building the Esk’et Spiralling Ladder, part 2

more details on the post notches, and demonstration