Order an Esk'et Spyu7

a camping cabin on wheels








Make your camping cabin dream a reality!

Please contact us at [email protected], for the Design Questionnaire and for any questions related to a preliminary design consultation.


What’s included?

  • New purpose-built trailer
  • Sleeping loft with custom safety rails and grab bars
  • Custom shaped window in loft
  • Lounge area including custom mattress and cover
  • Light fixtures (including: built-in mirror lights, chandelier and deck light)
  • Hidden LED lighting strip along ridge
  • Angled cabinetry with purpose built shelving and hooks for storage
  • Hidden sliding ladder
  • Gravity-fed water system, includes sink & custom spout fittings
  • Interior wood paneling, with clean mitred edges around windows
  • Offgrid solar set-up, 160w panel, (capable to power only lights & small fridge)
  • Woodstove & custom flashing
  • Built-in table and custom stools with storage
  • Metal roof or similar (metal roof is standard, other roofing options may require additional cost)
  • Custom gutters & flashing for standard metal roof
  • Outdoor deck with treated wood and log railing
  • Carved corbels & carved trim around all windows & door
  • All carvings as pictured (open to your ideas)


Some points to consider:

The Esk’et Spyu7 is meant for recreational use. It is a camping cabin with off-grid capacity.

You must commit to a timeframe of build start within the next 9 months. We do not take orders with non-committed time frames.

We only do complete builds. We do not build shell-only or partial builds.

We are a custom design builder, specializing in high quality, creative design builds. Robert is a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter.

We are committed to our community, and work in the area, incl. structures on wheels/structures that can be transported to your site. We are unable to work off-site at this time. as we don’t have the capacity to travel to a site that is located far away from us.

All payments must be made in full according to the payment & deposit schedule. We do not provide financing.

We are located at beautiful Alkali Lake, BC, Canada. It is an approximate 6 1/2 hour drive north of Vancouver.




How big is the camping cabin? It is total 120sqft of interior space – 8’x10’ main (80sqft) plus 8x5 loft (40sqft). There is also a 40sqft exterior deck area. Height 12’ , Width 8’ 4, Length 15′

Where did you get your mini woodstove? An awesome Canadian company: cubicminiwoodstoves.com/

How long will it take to build my camping cabin? The timeline for your build will be determined during your consultation.

What kind of vehicle do I need to pull the Esk’et Spyu7? Although we have had no issue pulling it with our Ram 1500, we suggest you consider the towing limits of your truck. The weight of the Esk’et Spyu7 is under 5500lbs.  If you plan on moving the structure periodically and don’t own a truck, the structure can also be moved with a rented Uhaul truck.

Can we stop by and see your projects? Be sure to follow us on social media to learn of upcoming events, and opportunities for you to step inside a project of ours. The BEST way to see & get a feeling for the space is to take advantage of our Bed& Breakfast set-up, and book yourself in for a stay! Book online at here.

What about insurance? Check with your insurance provider about how to insure your camping cabin, or alternately check with Island Savings.

More general questions…?  Be sure to have a look at the Canadian “Resources” page of “Tiny House Listings Canada” - https://tinyhouselistingscanada.com/resources/


The Steps

  1. Contact us at [email protected] with any questions. We will send you the design questionnaire, which you can send back to us along with $200 deposit, being sure to include everything about your vision & design thoughts.
  2. We will schedule a preliminary design consultation.
  3. After the preliminary discussion & confirmation about building details, we will sign a build contract. We require a $1500 non-refundable deposit to start the process. This includes: ordering your trailer, continued discussion and preparation for the specific design of your build, and ordering items that require a longer lead time) This deposit is applied towards your total cost. If you decide to pull out of the project, this deposit compensates us for our time in planning. The remaining payment schedule is to be discussed.

Questions? email us “[email protected]