the Esk'et Spyu7

an Esk’et custom design

The Exterior

The Esk’et Spyu7 is an 8x10 cabin with a gambrel roof, for off-grid recreational use. Superior craftsmanship, custom detail work & unique carvings abound.

Tiny, efficiently designed & with loads of character, this camping cabin is “a work of art that works”. – As a camping cabin, cooking & washroom facilities are separate, in a camping-style set-up. A small, lightweight structure, built on a 15ft trailer, it is efficient for towing to/parking at your perfect vacation spot.

The deck area is inviting & spacious (40sqft), with feather carvings on the posts and trim -the perfect outdoor space to relax & enjoy the surroundings.. wherever they may be!

The Interior

It’s light, bright & airy – a camping cabin with a touch of luxury.

With a loft extension of 30″, and a dormer, it comfortably fits a queen size bed in the sleeping loft, along with a clever storage cubby & safety rail and grab bar.

The Spyu7 features Robert’s angled custom cabinetry design, including a hidden sliding ladder leading up to the loft. The bottom lounge area serves a dual purpose: lounge in the day, extra bed in the night. Enjoy this incredibly inviting & cozy spot, with a built-in book nook, and views out the bay window.

The perfectly fitted fold-down table and 2 matching stools form the dining area, and can be tucked to the side as needed. The LED lights/fridge are powered by sunlight with a solar panel, and the (optional) tiny woodstove is perfect for getting cozy on a cooler night, and also offers a small cooking surface. The cabin is insulated with spray foam insulation. The water is provided through a simple gravity-fed system.

spyu7 etching by Laurence Doyle, design by Heather van Riesen


Carvings & Angled Cabinetry


The Esk’et Spyu7’s spectacular carvings reflect the name of the cabin: spyu7 = bird. We love the intricate details in the feathers, birds, leaves & trees.

We’ve pulled the outside woodsy design into the inside. An inset tree (with LED lights hidden behind it) highlights the angled white cabinetry, and a tree carving frames the trim on the custom shaped loft window, to compliment the bird etching. The matching table & stool tops are also made from carved wood & are unique pieces custom-fit to the space.


Robert’s love of design & carving are combined with meaning & story in the Esk’et Spyu7.

Gather special materials over time, much like a bird’s nest, and result in a space that is artsy & inviting.              A place to relax & rejuvenate, get inspired & dream big.

The Esk’et Spyu7 is a camping cabin on wheels that honours the history & established culture of the Esk’etemc (people) and Esk’etemculucw (the land), with a bright, forward-thinking & hopeful outlook!

Spyu7 = bird in Secwepemctsin

How to pronounce “Spyu7”? Audio Link here!

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All photos by Casey Bennett

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