Esk'et Spyu7 - a camping cabin on wheels

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Our new project is a gorgeous camping cabin on wheels, named the Esk’et Spyu7, “bird” in Secwepemctsin (the Shuswap language).


This design build is an 8x10 structure, built on a 15ft trailer. With a loft extension of 30″, and a dormer, it now fits a queen size bed, leaving room to sit up comfortably in the loft and enjoy the view through the generous windows. Although a tiny space, it’s so inviting & practical!

The deck area is incredible – so spacious, and the custom carvings on the posts and trim point to the cultural & artistic aspects that are so important to the structure.

The Spyu7 offers amazing, angled custom cabinetry, with lots of storage space, and a hidden sliding ladder. The bottom lounge area has views out the bay window, and storage underneath the twin size mattress. There is a fold-down table, with 2 custom fitted stools, all treated with Shou Sugi Ban. We’ve brought some of the outside in, by adding carved trees to the interior trim & cabinetry.

The LED lights/fridge are powered by sunlight with a solar panel, while the tiny woodstove is perfect for getting cozy on a cooler night, and also offers a small cooking surface. The water is provided through a simple gravity fed system. Cooking & washroom facilities will be outdoors, in a camping-style kitchen & outhouse set-up.

The walls are white. For contrast, the colours in the stained glass door, and different pops of colour in the decor will pop perfectly. We picked up a beautiful mason jar light fixture that will hang right in the centre of the cabin.

The Esk’et Spyu7 reflects it’s name, the bird – with a bright, hopeful & forward-thinking  outlook that honours the established culture of Esk’etemc (people) & Esk’etemculecw (the land).

Watch our Intro Video here, and look for updates on facebook and Instagram!