Esk'et Spyu7 - a camping cabin on wheels

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Our new project is a camping cabin on wheels, named the Esk’et Spyu7, “bird” in the Shuswap language.


This cabin design starts with a simple shed package. The instructions suggest building it to look like this:

timthumbIt’s a barn shape shed, 8x10, with an awesome gambrel roof shape. It comes with all the pieces pre-cut, so it can be put up in a matter of days. Easy-peasy. (That’s the shed part, for shed use. It’s important to note that when building a structure for residential use, there are a number of improvements/upgrades to make to the structure, along with a solid understanding of the building code)

We had seen this, and noticing the perfect dimensions, set out to look for a used trailer in need of new life, to build it on. “Why build a structure on the ground, when you can build it on a trailer, and then have all kinds of flexibility with it for the future?”

Originally, we thought we would add a couple windows, and a deck, and streamline the build. But it doesn’t seem right to miss looking at “potential”: what more can we do here? what else is this structure asking for? how can we make it GREAT?!


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So the design gained a few extra touches that we hope will be worth it. There is a loft extension of 30″, and a dormer, so that it now fits a queen size bed, leaving room to sit up comfortably and enjoy the view through the generous windows.

It will have a camping-style kitchen area, with custom cabinets, Shou Sugi Ban-treated countertop and shelving, and a hidden sliding ladder. The bottom lounge area has views out the bay window, and storage underneath the twin size mattress.

The LED lights will be powered by sunlight with a solar panel. The heater and cooktop by propane, and the water just a simple gravity fed system. This structure will not strive to be more than what it is –  with no plumbing, it’s not a tiny house, but more so an off-grid camping cabin..

The walls will be white, white, white. Believe it – the space is tiny, and can’t handle anything other than white. For contrast, the colours in the stained glass door, and different pops of colour will pop perfectly. We picked up a beautiful light fixture that will hang right in the centre of the cabin, with different coloured mason jars, just waiting for candles and a match.


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